Sunday, 30 September 2012

Fruit tree grafting

Instead of having to find space for numerous varieties of fruit trees, why not think about grafting different varieties onto one tree. For example; a very common type of multi-graft apple tree is the Johnathon/Golden /Red delicious graft. I have one of these trees , and have since grafted a Coxs Orange Pippin and a Bramley seedling apple to it. The tree is no more than 3 metres tall, and about 4 metres wide.
I was a given a piece of Cox budwood from a friend, whos garden was subsequently destroyed in the 2009 bushfire. We have since shared some delicious Cox apples from my tree.
A site worth investrigating is the Heritage Fruit Society who will be able to provide you with the best fruit material, and advice.
You could even go along to some of their activity days at the historic Pettys Orchard in Templestowe, Melbourne.
Many food plants can be grafted, such as egglant, tomato,citrus,nut trees etc.Have a go !

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