Sunday, 22 July 2012


An essential component to a successful, and environmentally-friendly garden is COMPOST ! It does take a little practice to get the ratios of 'green to brown' materials right, but once discovered, the successful making of compost takes no more than a few weeks.
Achievable Gardens has developed and manufactured this tool that speeds up the composting process by aerating and mixing togather all the raw materials. This steel tool is like a large corkscrew that is easily turned into the compost bin (or heap ). It has rubber handles for comfort and grip. Using these Compost turners requires no bending ; great if your not so fit .330mm at handles x 780 long + weigh 1.35 kg
They are for sale $ 45.00 au., and can be posted for $10-15 in Australia. Other places by arrangement.

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